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Beauties from Another Era

There she sits. Proud and beautiful. Built in an era when craftsmanship meant something. Leaded glass windows, hardwood floors, a foyer, and oh that huge clawfoot bathtub. Impressive to say the least. The home of your dreams.
Yes, beautiful older homes are the jewels of the Sacramento valley. Yet many of these beauties have been unimproved over the years and if you're considering purchasing one, knowledge will empower you. Although the purchase of any home is not without risk, an older home may have an abundance of "short comings" as measured by today's standards.

If you were buying a classic '55 Chevy, you wouldn't expect air bags and shoulder strap seat belts. There might be an AM radio, but definitely you wouldn't find a CD player with surround sound speakers.

Things we "take for granted" in newer homes have not always been the measure of a suitable abode, and not requirements from the building industry. Some of the areas that have been modified include: the addition of safer designs in windows and plate glass installation; electrical wiring and receptacles (especially ones placed in areas near a water source); improvements in the energy efficiency of a building and in some cases even the way the structure sits on it's support foundation. Being fully versed in the differing eras of construction, Ken can help you identify the areas that would be benefited if updated.

Purchasing an older home may be a dream come true or a homeowner's worst nightmare. Make sure you know what you're in prepared and get a professional home inspection. Then sit back and dream of those luxurious baths in that clawfoot tub. Ahhh!